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Welcome to The Emerging Web Technology and Trends Home Page

On this site you will find new and upcoming trends and technologies that are emerging from the Web. It will hopefully give you insight on "what is" and "what is to come" on the Web. Feel free to explore!

On this site you can find information about:

Web Trends Report Page

This page lists three of the most popular Web Trends that designers and developers are currently using. Discussed is also the whether the trends will become a standard in the future or not.

Technology and Trend Demos

This page consists of different web technology and trend demos. It's purpose is to give the user a taste of what is happening right now and what may in the future.

Software Review

On this page you can find a review of a piece of software that I used to create this web site. As part of an assignment, it was to be software I was unfamiliar with and one that I could learn about, use, and review.

Tools and Resources

This page contain many different tools and resources for the web designing and developer. I have ranked them as to how important and how usable they are. Feel free to explore for information.